What if I don’t STOP walking?

I was asked by Megan Banks on CTV’s Good Living show this morning what I intend to do once I’ve completed the Te Araroa trail.

My reply was “I don’t know – that’s part of the adventure!”

Now returning to my computer, a friend has sent me this article: Ten year walk ‘good therapy’. I’m excited (or if you read between the lines: nervous) enough at the prospect of walking 4-5 months… I can’t begin to comprehend 10 years!

Other friends have joked about me becoming Forrest Gump-like on the trail, and reaching Bluff only to immediately turn around and head north. I’m happy to say the encroaching winter will ensure this doesn’t happen. But summer will be approaching in the United States and Canada, where even more long trails beckon…

I’ve also been teased about how good I’ll look with Forrest’s wild woolly hair and full-on beard. I whole-heartedly disagree. Perhaps Kiwi razor icon Goodfella could flick me one of their stunning (I’ve long drooled over them) saftey razors to ensure I don’t succumb to a thicket of facial hair? Just putting it out there, in the interest of good grooming amongst Kiwi men.

So I have no idea what happens after this adventure. I’m keeping my eyes on the to-do list just to start this trek! I suspect I’m going to have ample time to consider the next chapter once I actually begin walking.

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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