Live television interview: CTV Good Living

It was an absolute pleasure chatting about MyAdventurePlus and Te Araroa with Megan Banks on Canterbury Television’s Good Living show this morning.

To view the short video clip, simply click here.


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4 Responses to Live television interview: CTV Good Living

  1. Nicky Gibson says:

    Hi there! Cookie and I are also on the Te Araroa trail as we speak! 😀 We’ve made the first section from Cape Reinga down to Ahipara. Great beach 90 mile! Surprised there weren’t more tourists there especially with Labour Weekend. If that was near London you’d gave barely been able to make out any sand for sunbathers 😉

    All the best for your trek! Hope to meet you en route 🙂

    Nicky & Cookie

    • Hiya Nicky and Cookie! Thanks for connecting – loving the photos and what-have-we-got-ourselves-into? comments on your blog. Happy trails – may the sun always be shining and water always plentiful… 🙂

  2. Hey, is it not whole interview? Did it get cut off, or was that just my connection? Great to hear and see you speak, and see that enthusiasm in your eyes!

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