People are saying YES!

The logistics are starting to come together for my Te Araroa adventure!

Today Jack Link’s Beef Snacks said they’d love to provide me some of their yummy ready-to-eat Beef Jerky and Steak Bars. I’m starting to salivate at the thought of having them handy in my pack, ready to feed my wild side

Yum yum!

And on Monday I meet with Aarn and Devi of Aarn BodyPacks, for a fitting into one of their Natural Balance bodypacks to trial. I just love the biomechancial systems approach of their design – anything to make those 3,000km easier on my body!

Natural Balance Bodypack

I’ll also check out their Pacer1 Tent. Wish me luck!

Pacer1 Tent by Aarn Design

There are other companies with their thinking caps on for how they can support this adventure, and thus help wave the flag for SCOUTS New Zealand. And several magazines/newspapers are considering the angle they’d like publish of my Te Araroa experiences.

Actually, would your local newspaper or TV channel like to interview me as I pass through your location? That reminds me… I must post a list of the towns I’ll be walking through over the next four months. Doh!

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1 Response to People are saying YES!

  1. Vicki Slade says:

    Do tell us how you get on with the Aarn packs, Stuart. I’ve always thought they must be a better way to distribute weight.

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