A decade of adventure

In a previous post I mentioned how Jean Beliveau is in New Zealand, almost at the end of his round-the-globe walk.

I got to meet him last week!

Jeans 10-year journey makes my 4-month prospect seem small

A last-minute invite to the Papanui Rotary Club had me enthralled as Jean shared photos and video of his 10-year journey on foot through 64 countries, covering over 68,000km.

What amazed me the most?

Once he decided to embark on his adventure, he took 8 months to plan it. He only told his wife about it with 3 weeks to go! 😀

He left Montreal knowing it would be an 11 year journey! I thought he had just started, not really knowing where it would take him. In fact it has been a well-planned, completely coordinated effort.

Makes my 4-month plan seem kinda ‘beginnerish’ really…

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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