Here we go!

It’s late (or should I say ‘early’). I’m tired. The process of preparing everything ready to ‘go walkabout’ was longer and more involved than I expected today.

To top it off I’ve been called up – for the first time ever – for jury duty in February. So had to prepare my ‘please pick me another time’ submission…

A hearty THANKS to everyone who has offered words of encouragement, made a donation/pre-purchased ‘the’ book, given advice (especially Corrine and Johno and Andrew), provided equipment/services, cooked me dinners (yum yum Jeannie, Janine, Robert/Peter and Ged!) and basically helped out in any way for this project.

I don’t know when the next blog post will be. Facebook will hopefully receives texts when I have phone coverage.

Into the wild yonder we go… 🙂

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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5 Responses to Here we go!

  1. Jo Gillespie says:

    Oh, I’m just so excited for you, Stuart! Really hoping (and knowing) that this is going to be even more amazing and life-changing than even you have dreamed! Take care, my friend. Go out and inspire us all.

  2. Pip says:

    Good luck Stu…. see you at Jamboree.

  3. Deb McFadyen says:

    Wow Stuart, how exciting! Your journey has to be the most interesting and adventurous undertaking anyone I know has ever embarked on. I can’t imagine how much planning and preparation you have put into this to make your dream a reality. Maybe I should book you now for a presentation at St Margarets before your diary is filled…best wishes for a safe journey 🙂

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