Coast to Coast

Takahue morning - the quadbike teens would still have been in bed 😉


Where did the track go? I walked down there a second before...



Ominous clouds that brought no rain - thankfully.


About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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6 Responses to Coast to Coast

  1. Matt "Shrek" McGlinchey says:

    Awesome shots Stu! loving the updates and very proud and inspired! Keep it up and looking forwarded to shouting you dinner in hamner or some such place ;). Be well and walk strong 🙂

  2. Hi Stuart,
    I discovered your blog just a few days before you started walking, when it was posted on our Scout group website by one of our leaders. What a great adventure! I’m glad you are posting pictures as you go. I’m enjoying reading it and wish you well. At least you don’t have to share the tent with anybody! I’m sure it’s bigger than my bivvy bag. At least you can escape the mozzies, and even do a bit of reading or typing in there if it rains!

    • Hehehe… yup, the tent is certainly not big enough to share with anyone! I almost have to exit to have enough room to change my mind!
      Glad you’re enjoying the updates, and hope we can connect when I hit the City of Sails… 🙂

  3. Stuart, you’re making me homesick, my friend. Aotearoa is most definitely THE most beautiful place in the world. I’m so sorry about your shins holding you back – but I don’t think you’ll let it beat you. It might just be a lesson…slow down. What’s your hurry? You’re missing it by walking too fast 🙂
    Hugs, take care of those legs, and start again…slowly….

    • Yup, NZ is one pretty country all right! Yeah, slow down is the order of the day. I just wanted to keep going: a routine was forming and it felt like I was making progress and yes, there are considerations (like weather at the tail end) and finances in the back of my mind, urging me onwards… but that said, Kerikeri is a rather nice place to chill-ax in! 🙂

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