Physio booked for today

I’m off to see the team at New Lynn Physiotherapy at lunchtime to get a second opinion on my shin.

I hope I haven’t simply been a hypochondriac…

Fingers crossed for a quick (and effortless) clean bill of health! šŸ™‚

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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3 Responses to Physio booked for today

  1. Sarah Reaburn says:

    did u wana catch upo with us or sumthing where u staying?? give us a yell

  2. Hinerake Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Stuart

    Hope the physio goes well! I wanted to invite you to our Group end of year BBQ – we are meeting up at the One Tree Hill BBQ area this Sunday to celebrate the end of year. I am sure our Cubs and Scouts would love to hear about your AdventurePlus – especially this close to Jamboree. Drop us a line if you can make it!

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