Is Pohutakawa really the Kiwi Xmas tree?

I mentioned to some Aucklanders how my Christmas will be the first I’ve spent surrounded by Pohutakawa blossoms.

They looked at me, puzzled. “But it’s New Zealand’s Christmas tree, so what do you mean?”

Ummm… because it doesn’t grow everywhere, I explained. Their jaws dropped.


And just to confirm I wasn’t pulling their leg, I looked up the details: most Pohutakawa grow north of a line between New Plymouth and Napier, since it loves the warmer climates.

So perhaps it should be called ‘the Christmas tree for most Kiwis’…

The lovely crimson blossoms of the Pohutakawa

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Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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3 Responses to Is Pohutakawa really the Kiwi Xmas tree?

  1. Jo Gillespie says:

    And Nelson, Stuart! Along Atawhai Drive, as you head towards Blenheim, there is a beautiful row of them. A wonderful sight this time of year. And PS, I’m loving your rugged look 🙂 You look great with that amount of face fluff.

    • Granted there are other spots where Pohutakawa grow. They’re most prolific up here though, that’s for sure. Glad you like the face fluff… you’ll enjoy the post I’m about to create… 😉

  2. Karen Boyes says:

    And Wellington!! – Just not CHCH!!!

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