Onehunga to Manukau

My second offer of a ride from a motorist came today – he looked rather puzzled when I declined.

But his reaction wasn’t a patch on a lady who (whilst driving slowly, in line to reach a backed-up roundabout at Auckland Airport) called out “Where are you walking to?”

“Bluff” I replied.

She howled with laughter, then said “Seriously, where are you going?”

When she realised I was serious I was the one laughing as she drove off shaking her head.

Today was hot, sunny and pretty much flat. Highlights were:

  • Easily getting the bus from Britomart to Onehunga to pick up where I left off in the rain on Sunday.
  • Seeing Manukau Harbour from a different perspective (instead of just driving quickly over the bridge to the airport)
  • Looking back to One Tree Hill, Mount Eden and the very tip of the SkyTower and thinking “I’m now here thanks to these two feet”
  • Learning how the Harbour has been regenerated to include 13km of natural foreshore and bird sanctuary due to changes to the waste-water treatment process
  • Watching the big jets take off from the airport, directly overhead. This does not make me a plane-spotter… 😉
  • Finding two Te Araroa signs pointing at each other from opposite sides of the road. They weren’t even at a junction! Spares?

It's a sign!

It's two signs!

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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2 Responses to Onehunga to Manukau

  1. Jo Gillespie says:

    yay for you being back on the track 🙂
    Your progress makes me smile, Stuart. Keep posting!

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