Clean shirt, kilometres and weight loss

I’ve mentioned my ‘bounce-box’ before: it’s a small crate with some spare gear, razor and extra clothes in it, which bounces to my next major destination. Big thanks to my Christmas Eve walker Craig for dropping it off to me last night. The pleasure of a clean shirt, different from the last five days, cannot be underestimated!

Today I calculated I will have walked 450km since starting this Te Araroa trek, once I complete the 40km to finish the Huntly-to-Jamboree site portion by Friday. I’ve arranged a physio appointment for later today and will walk again tomorrow with a lighter pack.

That will be 450km in 18 ‘walking days’ = 25km a day average. The farm I grew up on was 24km from Rangiora, the nearest town and where I went to high school. I would never, never, ever have considered walking there from home.

Couple that with the fact I’ve reduced my weight (without even trying) by 4.7kg since deciding to attempt this adventure, and my head is realing with numbers today!

The 'Sensible' Machine: And in the New Administration, they ordered all the people through the 'Sensible' Machine. But some were so insane that they escaped the treatment, for nothing could be done to take their lunacy away. Congratulations to a fellow escapee!

Mmmmm... chocolate!

Thankfully, I remembered this card I photographed in Paihia, and this cartoon which I relate to. They both seem relevant to put the numbers in perspective… šŸ˜‰

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