Te Araroa Christmas

I’m sorry to report that Santa does in fact need a chimney to find you!  😦

But the best present I could hope for was waking to a fine Christmas morning. More time spent strolling through the Hunua Ranges, until losing the track and coming out at Paparimu School – thanks for the water refill!

Not quite Xmas ham and pavolova, but filling all the same.

As I approached the school across the rolling hills, I appeared beside a house with a verandah full of people enjoying Christmas lunch. “Hungry?” they shouted out. Unfortunately, I’d just dined on my festive fare and couldn’t fit another morsel…

I know I'm in the Waikato, but surely the recession hasn't hit this badly? 😉

Walking on the road is not doing my legs any good – they much prefer tracks and off-road journeys. By mid-afternoon, my right shin (yup, it wanted to emulate it’s leftie-twin) was aching and swollen. So when I saw a bloke walking in his paddock I hollered out, asking to pitch my tent in his stock yards. “Sure!”

Tim's 3 eggs didn't last long! yum yum yum

In true Kiwi festive hospitality, Tim Pope of Mangatawhiri soon appeared with three eggs and a bottle of beer, ready for a chat. Thanks for the eggs Tim! [FYI reader: I don’t drink alcohol]

It was a gorgeous evening, so I even managed to get some photos in. I hope my camera stops playing silly buggers – I’m getting some weird colour combinations at times.

A post for this post... get it? hahahaha!

Thus ended my non-traditional Christmas day. Quiet, peaceful, physical and tiring. Memorable.

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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