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Coast to Coast a winning walk

After two weeks of recuperation, I was more than ready to stretch the legs again. It was surprising then – last night and this morning – to realise I was actually nervous. What if my shin swells up again? What … Continue reading

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The F and C words

Being unexpectedly in Auckland this week meant I was able to attend the National Speakers Association’s end-of-year drinkies. It was awesome to catch up with some long-time friends and put faces to names I had heard of… even though I’m … Continue reading

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Laughs with Roskill Rovers

I spent last evening chatting and laughing with some of the Roskill Rover Crew. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse, yet similar, we are in SCOUTS! Awesome to learn of their plans to go tramping in the New … Continue reading

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Helping out The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Here’s a way for us to do a good turn for another top-notch youth organisation… The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award has just been selected by Sovereign Sunshine as a worthy not-for-profit, and now need our votes – the more … Continue reading

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Facial fuzz given the flick

As someone who loves to walk, exploring the new town I’m in, it has been a little weird being injured and not being able to get out and about quite so easily. So how have I been filling in my … Continue reading

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Is Pohutakawa really the Kiwi Xmas tree?

I mentioned to some Aucklanders how my Christmas will be the first I’ve spent surrounded by Pohutakawa blossoms. They looked at me, puzzled. “But it’s New Zealand’s Christmas tree, so what do you mean?” Ummm… because it doesn’t grow everywhere, … Continue reading

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My first black sand

So what to do on a lovely hot afternoon without walking far..? Road trip! Where to go? Well, being an adventure let’s go somewhere I haven’t been before, where swimming is not advised, where the currents are strong, where the … Continue reading

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Kerikeri to Russell pics

I don’t have a support crew driving a van loaded with the comforts of home – it’s a question I get asked frequently. So with the arrival of my small bounce-box (the extra equipment I send ahead since I don’t … Continue reading

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Phew! I will live after all…

Today was my second visit to Damian at New Lynn Physiotherapy and there’s been a marked improvement in my shin. He’s worked his magic to limber things up and advised me how to prevent that issue from happening again. Plus … Continue reading

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Physio booked for today

I’m off to see the team at New Lynn Physiotherapy at lunchtime to get a second opinion on my shin. I hope I haven’t simply been a hypochondriac… Fingers crossed for a quick (and effortless) clean bill of health! 🙂

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