Jamboree reached: Auckland to Hamilton complete!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a busy couple of days… here are the highlights:

The physio was relatively happy with my shoes, Formthotics (thanks Podamo!) and walking style. She gave my shin some more ultrasound and ordered me to walk very little once I get to Jamboree and go see her again next week. Okey dokey…

Jamboree: a time to do things you might not do at home...

Braved the heat to traverse Hamilton. Discovered Google Maps is not always 100% accurate with it’s directions. Was welcomed to the 19th NZ Jamboree site at Mystery Creek Events Centre by an enthusiastic bunch of Scouts and promptly interviewed by FuseAir (the Jamboree radio station).

Modeled the brand new SCOUTS uniform at the fashion parade for its launch.

Yes, laundry still needs to get done: this time by pedal-power.

Was featured in the Jamboree daily newspaper – now more and more youth and leaders are asking me about my adventures. One chap is even raising some funds for me – if a target figure is reached he’s going to cut off all his shoulder-length locks!

The ever-popular abseiling tower.

Appeared on TVOne News, explaining how SCOUTS is experiencing a resurgence. The crew were awesome: Amy the reporter even got muddy and wet under the Challenge Valley cargo net – such dedicated ‘hands-on’ journalism 🙂

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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