A man in uniform

‘Women like a man in uniform’ is a widely-held belief.

Therefore, I’ve never understood why my current Scout uniform has not had the same appeal to the fairer sex as the crisp ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ Navy whites, ‘Top Gun’ Airforce Blues or even the All Black jersey. It is still a uniform, after all!

So I had to smile to see Australian Rovers (18-26 year old Scouts) trying to change their positioning…

Thanks Craig for bringing this bumper-sticker back from Oz Moot and proudly displaying it on your Toyota Estima! 😀

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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11 Responses to A man in uniform

  1. Fran Robertson says:

    Close. We drive an Estima. Haha.
    But it is a cool sticker, and he loves to show it off.

  2. Michelle Cooper says:

    Hi Stu!
    I pre-bought a book! I hope this will help a small bit. Damien and I are following your progress and loving the updates!

    All truely great thoughts are conceived by walking ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    🙂 Kia kaha Stu!

    Michelle and Damien

  3. Karen B says:

    Ingenious! Someone really thought outside the square- love it!

  4. Amylee says:

    Hi Stuart

    I have just pre-brought a book 🙂 I hope this keeps you out and keeps you going for a little bit longer


  5. susan says:

    it’s the woggle what does it…

  6. Nick Buchner says:

    If you like the sticker – they were made by Gordon Rover Crew – you can contact them at http://sydneynorthscouts.com/rovers/gordon to order one (or more!)

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