Mixing it up in Pirongia

Yesterday I decided to continue my trek from Hamilton Airport (close to Mystery Creek, where I finished up at Jamboree) and cut across to Pirongia, rather than backtrack and tackle Mount Pirongia.

This proved a good decision, because I’m still yet to see the Mount – it’s been shrouded in cloud for two days. That wouldn’t have been much fun.

Staying with Susan (a Scouting friend’s sister) and full-of-beans Niamh and Joseph was lots of fun. I reckon there’s room in Pirongia for Kea Scouts (boys and girls aged 6-8) to start up, so my fingers are crossed an adult or two are keen to help out.

Today was slightly out-of-the-ordinary in that I set off with no pack. That’s right, nice and light and I have to say it was de-light-ful 😀

I walked 14km in 2½ hours towards Otorohanga before Susan found me and dragged me back to Pirongia – the primary school there was assembling for me to speak with the students. What a hoot that was! They asked question after question after question, including:

  • What is your strongest phobia and have you encountered it on this trip?
  • How will you feel if something bad happens and you are unable to complete this adventure?
  • How old are you and when is your birthday?

I could have stayed all afternoon, but had to finish up by encouraging the enthusiastic D Team to hold tight to their preferred adventure, scoff my yummy sausage-sizzle sausage and head back (with all my gear this time) to where I was picked up from.

Approaching Otorohanga I had my closest call versus a vehicle. A little old lady in a little wee blue car thought my side of the white road-edge line would be a good place to drive. Just as well I was watching the oncoming traffic!

And I’ve just had a trip down memory lane. Being hosted in Otorohanga by Scout Group Leader Michelle and farmer Ken, they put on a roast mutton dinner. M-mmmm! It’s been years since I’ve wrapped my taste-buds around that. It’s also been years since I’ve used dial-up internet, but that’s one of the few downsides to rural living.

Tomorrow? Te Kuiti Cubs host me. I’m enjoying this Waikato/King Country hospitality: it’s taking my mind off my tired feet. Thanks team!

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