Wandering on from Wanganui

It’s been great spending a couple of days in Wanganui. Standing ovation to Dianne (Scout name: Ruru) and Bill (Karu) for their outstanding hospitality and hot shower – makes it very hard to leave πŸ˜‰

It pays to read signs very carefully...

When I first came in to Wanganui it was hot and my eyes were obviously bleary… I thought this sign read “Welcome to our Fairly Friendly City”. How low-key would that be?

Today I finished up walking alongside the Wanganui River and followed SH3 south for a while before heading west at Turakina and reaching Turakina Beach – about a 29km day.

Bill and I happily arrive at Turakina Beach

I had the pleasure of chatting with Bill Charnock most of the way today. A keen harrier (as well as Cub Leader) he was using it as a warm-up for a half-marathon walk tomorrow. Very keen!

And his company was very welcome…


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2 Responses to Wandering on from Wanganui

  1. Pip says:


    Given the events of the last week and being a Cantab, how has this affected your trek, particularly your state of mind?


    • Why do you ask Pip? What’s happened in ChCh?
      How’s my state of mind you ask… which is funny considering how many people were questioning my state of mind as I announced I was going to walk 3,000km! Seriously, I’ve been distracted. Instead of daydreaming about the future and devising cunning plans to wile away the long hours of walking, I’m a bit blank. Or thinking about how everyone at home is. Each day is being taken as it comes. After all, the decision to keep walking can still be changed. We’ll just have to wait and see… πŸ™‚

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