I’m still alive!

The bridge to somewhere, over crystal-clear water.

Up and up and up and up...

That peak on the left? Reached it the day before in white-out conditions.

The view from atop Mt Richmond, looking back to Nelson.

The view from half-way down Mt Richmond, looking back up!

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Amazing how flat a map is when it’s spread out on the floor of a warm and comfortable lounge. Gives an impression that a proposed route will be a stroll through flowering meadows and along meandering streams…

Curse maps.

After a delicious roast at Mike and Bridget’s I got a ride from Venturer Leader Peter to Maitai Reservoir, then climbed Maungatapu Track back up and over into Richmond Forest Park. The cute Captains Creek Hut was right next to an ab-so-lutely FREEZING Pelorus River – the quickest swim ever!

It was the next day things turned gnarly. Up hill. Constantly. Steep. Very steep. So steep there was one section that had a chunky chain to hold on to so you didn’t fall backwards down the incline and over the cliff! Navigating razor-edge ridges in white-out conditions ranks only slightly more fun than slipping on a mossy rock, landing squarely on my bum.

This will teach me for leaving Te Araroa and making my own trail!

This morning was cold. And windy. Very cold. Very windy.

And oh-my-goodness it was steep again!!

But I’m alive. Couple of scratches, bit of sweat, moments of get-me-the-hell-off-this-rock but eventually I met up with Aaron: my ride back to Blenheim for the night.

Tomorrow I get a ride to Christchurch. Bit nevervous to see my home town in a state of ‘disrepair’. But don’t worry – I’ll be back for more Richmond Ranges / Nelson Lakes very soon…

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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4 Responses to I’m still alive!

  1. I’m really confused about your foray into the South Island…you seem a bit all over the top of the south…or is that just my imagination?

  2. Chris Bird says:

    Its good that you are getting through the Richmond ranges. It sure looks rough out there. You enjoy yourself in Christchurch and look after yourself when you get back to it. Where do you go back in to the walk?

    • Thanks Chris! I finished up on Top Valley Road in the middle of the logging – now I just have to work out how much more ‘alpine’ stuff I want to do, or put the accelerator down and get to Bluff a bit quicker/shorter… stay tuned! 😀

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