South Island (+ Bluebridge) pics

Bluebridge ferry + L.A.Fitness treadmill = 3.5 hours of 'walking on water'

Picton and Blenheim Venturers fuelled up on sausages, bread and sauce.

Thanks for the ride Endeavour Express - the best way to get to Ship Cove!

Was a gorgeous morning to start the Queen Charlotte Track.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing...

The next day was a bit more overcast and drizzly...

By the time I reached Anakiwa's Outward Bound, the sun had gone!

What kind of mailbox does a Porshe restorer have? This one!

Thought you might like to see some of the country I’ve been walking and people I’ve been meeting…


About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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2 Responses to South Island (+ Bluebridge) pics

  1. KAren B says:

    Speaking of meeting people- you’ll never guess who Joanne (from St Mary’s Scouts Gore) and I bumped into whilst out walking Bluff hill on Sunday morning? The two girls who started walking at the same time as you- how about that for coincidence!! I just happened to ask what they were training for and they said they had just completed the Te Araroa walk! “Wow” I said, “We know Stuart Fleming” So they asked where you were at and we told them where and that you kept getting sidetracked doing Scout stuff like the Queen Scout presentations in Chch last week and you are going to write a book at the end of your adventure. One of the girl’s is going to do the same, so you will be able to compare notes! Very very small world eh!

    • They finished?? I thought one of them had to be back at work in March, so weren’t going to be able to complete the whole thing. That’s awesome they got to Bluff – they were absolutely cranking when they passed me in Kerikeri – I was very jealous of them being able to share the load of all the gear and food…
      Yes, it certainly is a small world – except when you set about walking it 😀

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