Adventure on hold

The decision has been made – I’m hanging up my walking shoes.

It’s been a fascinating (which is a euphemism for: emotional, crappy, euphoric, tumultuous, frustrating) process of recuperation. Being on the sidelines waiting for my shin to recover has messed with my mind and created some dark days and some sunny days.

I refuse to wait with my life on standby any longer.

  • I want to give my leg time to heal fully with no pressure to recommence a physically demanding trek by a certain date, especially with the weather now rather unfavourable.
  • I want to dedicate effort to writing the book without the shadow of “But how will it end?” looming overhead.
  • I want to get stuck into another couple of opportunities (I might even call them ‘adventures’ in their own right) that have presented themselves.
  • I want to get back to a financially healthy position.

Will I end up completing the remaining 700-ish kilometres to Bluff? Only time will tell, as that is another decision for another day.

Some of you will applaud my choice. Some will frown. Only a couple of people (long-distance walkers themselves) will fully understand.

Either way, I truly appreciate your support and encouragement. Thank you.

It’s certainly been an adventure ‘plus’…

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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11 Responses to Adventure on hold

  1. Karen Degen says:

    Its all perfect. Perhaps not finishing is all part of the plan. Perhaps you have learned everything you needed to from this experience, even though those lessons might not become apparent for a while. The best books are those where the ending is not what we expect or anticipate.
    xx Karen

  2. susan says:

    I think it’s a great decision….living life on hold is not sustainable or sustaining:).

    I heard a line in a TV programme last night…’in order to move forward you have to let go’.

    Let the new adventures begin!

  3. Mark Boggiss says:

    The nearest thing I have come to doing what you have accomplished is a couple of the South Island 5 day walks and what I thought were reasonably challenging walks while at Outward Bound. By comparison I only refer to them as walks and while challenging for me tend to put into perspective what you have accomplished. You should be very proud of what you have achieved, and what you have learnt both about yourself and our wonderful country and people. Congratulations on your achievement and all the very best with the book writing, I can’t wait to read it! I look forward to hearing what your upcoming ‘adventures’ entail.

  4. Wendy Davie says:

    You are amazing and have achieved so much from this adventure. MY friend the adventure has just begun.

  5. I totally agree with all the comments so far – particularly Karen’s. All is perfect 🙂 Go with the flow, follow your heart and instincts, and know the adventure’s far from over. It’s just changed course a little 🙂 Go Stuart!!

  6. Pauline Stockhausen says:


    I have sat back and watched with awe of the achievements you have accomplished. You Succeeded in walking most of the country and you did it alone.
    I couldn’t imagine spending a week alone let alone walking alone. You need to be applauded because you did this journey for you and no one else.

    So many people get hung up on success, hung up on winning but in reality alot of our success is the journey there. If you rush through with your eyes fixed on the end but dont take the time to look at the beauty around you, who in actual fact is the winner.

    You have not failed, look what you have gained, you have seen this country in away only a handful of others have. You have made true friendships, that you will have for your life time and most importantly you have learnt probably more about yourself than any of us would learn about ourself’s.

    Now you have something to write about. You are a role model to Thousands, you have alot to give this world and i cannot wait to see what your next adventure holds.

  7. Karen Boyes says:

    Yeah – all part of the adventure!
    See you soon 🙂
    Rainbows and sunshine

  8. Shafeeka says:

    You made the right choice Stuart. You have done so well to have put up with the pain this long and you have achieved so much. At least you know you can return to it when you recover and complete the adventure. I hope your shin recovers quickly. Good luck writing the book.

  9. Michelle Forrest says:

    The decision has always been yours to make.
    You chose your adventure and if you have fulfilled your adventure then be happy with yourself.

    We are proud of you.

    See you at some scouting event soon and I look forward to my book.

    I do secretly hope you can finish one day – but that is my competitive/completer attributes.

  10. Chris Bird says:

    You have made the right decision Stuart, as getting your health right needs to be your number one priority.
    Good luck with your future endeavors, and hope to hear about your future walks at some stage.
    You have done very well so far and I salute you.

  11. Michelle Cooper says:

    You remind me of a saying. Actually a couple. I will try to remember them.

    Cher off the film Clueless: ” ‘Tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people.”

    From Outward Bound: If you’ve never failed you’ve never lived.

    YOU are an inspiration. Look after yourself now and keep in mind: If at first you don’t succeed try try TRY again 🙂 Good luck Stu!!!!

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