I miss the Trail

Wake. Toilet. Eat. Pack. Walk.

For 88 days this was my morning routine. Simple, huh?

Sure there were other things to think about, like the weather and the route and my aching body and my gear and the cashflow and the list goes on…

Yet this over-riding simplicity of ‘walking’ is something I now miss.

For suddenly I have a multitude of things to focus on:

  • I’ve started an exciting new role with Total Media Magic.
  • I have a manuscript to complete.
  • I have a speaking career to develop and promote.
  • I’m back in full swing with Scout executive board and training team commitments.

It’s proving a challenge to not feel overwhelmed by the growing ‘to-do’ list. I’m doing my best to think of it as a ‘ta-da’ list 🙂

It’s strange being back in a world dictated by the clock, having to be places at specific times instead of letting the hours of daylight be my marker.

It’s weird to know I have boxes of possessions waiting for me once I decide where to live (and can afford to do so) yet continue to manage with the bare basics.

It’s scary seeing how complicated life is for some people.

I’m going to aim for ‘simple’.

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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