Limited edition copies almost gone

Personally signed and numbered, limited edition copies of my in-progress book are still available. However there’s just 24 left!

It won’t simply be a re-hash of the blog posts I’ve put up. It will be a warts-and-all-and-blisters-too account of the 88 days I spent walking 2,300km from Cape Reinga to (almost!) Bluff.

It won’t be: Day 1, walked. Day 2, walked some more. Day 3, blister forming and did some walking.

Plus, I’m hatching an idea for a very special add-on item which you won’t want to miss.

To everyone who has already placed their order, an enormous THANKS! If you’d like to grab one of the remaining two dozen, simply click the ‘donate’ button at the right of this page and flick me $50. Too easy.

FYI: I’m working to a pre-Christmas production deadline, so it should be ready for under-the-tree…

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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1 Response to Limited edition copies almost gone

  1. Seona says:

    Stu – pls put me down for a copy. I didnt have your donate button on my email, but contact me directly and I’ll internet it to you.

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