Harewood School are MyAdventurePlus-ed

The tag-line for Harewood School is ‘Our pathway to learning’. Today I shared with Room 7 and 8 students my learnings from ‘the long pathway’: Te Araroa.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of speaking with a big bunch of youth! After a mentally challenging morning at work, I wasn’t really in the head-space to present at lunchtime. But by the time I set up my computer and the classes filed in from the playground, I was ready. By the time I fielded dozens of questions (ranging from “Was there any point during the walk you nearly died?” to “How did you go to the toilet?”) and headed back to the office, I was fizzing.

Love it. Want to do more of it. I get inspired hearing all the adventures these young bundles of energy want to get stuck into. Thanks kids (and Liz) for being wonderful!

Who’s next? How many schools would like me to help with their 2012 ‘goals’ module?

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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1 Response to Harewood School are MyAdventurePlus-ed

  1. marja says:

    Good on ya. I agree I love a bunch of youth too Although I sometimes find it more difficult to get to them in a crowd then one to one. I try to give them oppertunities but they look what the crowd is doing and pass if the others do. They do learn so naturally though wonderful

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