Week by week – but new adventure looming?

It’s coming up two years since I set off from Cape Reinga to see whether I could walk to Bluff via Te Araroa – New Zealand’s national walkway.

Back then I had lots to say, so blog posts were frequent.

For the past eleven months, I haven’t felt as though I’ve had anything worth sharing.

I’ve been working a ‘day job’ for Stream Group, who in Christchurch contract to TOWER insurance and manage (loss adjusting and project managing) the earthquake claims – repairs and rebuilds. As a case manager, I have about 130 broken (or “munted”) houses to look after, making sure the claim progresses as swiftly as possible.

Returning to full-time work took some adjusting to. It was a steep learning curve which, when you add the emotion of upset home-owners to the mix, left me some days feeling drained and un-bouncy. Certainly not the right frame of mind for a readable blog post!

I have enjoyed the regular pay packet though. It’s allowed me to rent a small place, consolidate my debt into a manageable payment plan and just this month buy a used car – for cash!

My 5-year term as National Commissioner for SCOUTS NZ came to a close, and I passed the mantle to the very capable and enthusiastic Kelly Bleakley.

I’ve competed in three Ceroc dance championships with the National Champs coming up 1 December.

I’m in the middle of kicking off a joint business venture with a good friend of mine, and this week I deliver the first hour of my 10-session Stride (life skills) programme for at-risk youth in a Child Youth and Family secure care-and-protection unit.

Plus I’ve been writing the book of my Te Araroa adventure. If I had to choose between walking all day and writing about it, walking wins. But I am making progress and I look forward (as I’m sure all those who pre-purchased a copy are too) to finishing it.

And to cap it all off, I’ve now entered the Air New Zealand / Department of Conservation ‘Great Walker’ contest. The wife of my Chief Executive was the driving force behind my entry – she’s convinced I’d make a great candidate to walk all nine of New Zealand’s Great Walks in just nine weeks.

To enter, I had to create a one-minute video clip – you can check it out <here> if you’re curious. I will know in a couple of weeks if I’ve made the short-list. Fingers crossed I’m one of the four winners – that adventure would fill February-April next year nicely, not to mention being an incredible experience!

Some of my colleagues tease me about not having a TV. Whilst there are some evenings I would love nothing more than to collapse in front of the screen and do nothing, I suspect that my life would be nowhere near as fulfilling if that option was available to me.

Perhaps that is why time seems to be whizzing past…?

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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1 Response to Week by week – but new adventure looming?

  1. Yasmin Irani says:

    Dear Stuart,
    Thanks for the update. All the best for the new business venture “Stride” lectures. I am sure it will be sucessful. Affectionately Yasmin

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