The book is complete!

If you are given the choice between walking for 2,300km or writing a book, make sure you go for a walk! Writing books is much more difficult…

That said, I’ve done it!

Te Araroa book

Blisters, Bugs and Abandoned Underwear – a solo trek of New Zealand

A couple of months ago I took delivery of Blisters, Bugs and Abandoned Underwear – a solo trek of New Zealand’ and have been shipping it around the globe to everyone who pre-ordered their limited edition copies. It was a humbling experience to complete the project and remember everyone being so supportive of my adventure.

I do have some books left over. If you would like a copy (NZ$35 + shipping), flick me an email to and I’ll forward you the bank transfer details. At this point it’s not available in book stores, though I am following up some leads to make this happen.

My goal for 2015 is to create an electronic e-book version, so keep an eye out for that notification. I also plan to update the details of this blog, since it seems people are still reading it; no doubt during the planning of their own attempt at Te Araroa.

I trust this finds you happy, healthy and looking forward to your own adventures in 2015.



About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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1 Response to The book is complete!

  1. Teresa James says:

    Hi Stuart, I got sent my ‘thank you for sponsoring me deal’ copy earlier.  Has been good to read.  WELL DONE for the book and the walk!  I hope to do some of it some day.   Have a great Christmas.:-) Tess James 

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