“I love adventure, it’s what our bodies are designed for. It’s pretty un-natural to sit at a computer or steering wheel for too long, so I take every opportunity to explore my world, be it a foreign desert, or simply my local hilltop. All the best for your Te Araroa journey Stuart – an awesome Kiwi adventure!”
Steve Gurney, adventurer, innovator, motivator

“Adventure for life: that’s the vision of SCOUTS New Zealand. How better to illustrate to our youth and adult members that adventure is all around us than our senior volunteer embarking on a journey from one end of the country to the other? Stuart, everyone at SCOUTS NZ wishes you all the very best for your trek, and we look forward to connecting with you along the way!”
Chris Hooper, CEO, SCOUTS New Zealand

“Scouting is about having new adventures, enthusing others, and fulfilling potential. I wish you every success as you do all three on your trek – and have fun!”
Derek Twine, CEO, SCOUTS UK

“Both GirlGuiding and SCOUTS give New Zealand youth the chance to develop their outdoor skills – the very skills you will need during your Cape Reinga to Bluff hike. What an amazing challenge Stuart, we will follow your adventure with interest. May the weather be kind and the blisters few!”
Sonia Faulkner, President , GirlGuiding New Zealand

“I’m a big fan of people having adventures at all ages, and if someone suddenly says “I’m off to do something a little harebrained (such as walk the length of the country)” then I am all for it. In years to come when you look back on your life what will you say: Jeez, I wished I slaved away a little harder while shackled to my infernal job, OR gee, I am glad I did that thing I wanted to do, wasn’t that fun. So happy walking Stuart, you are a fitter man than I.”
Te Radar, Opinionist

“Awesome to hear of your new adventure Stuart! As someone who also loves to walk, I can’t wait for your blog updates. Your trek will certainly provide you invaluable material for your future speaking engagements – your audiences will be even more spellbound!”
Hannah Samuel, The Reputation Champion
and National President of National Speakers Association of NZ

32 Responses to Encouragement

  1. Wow! Stuart, I can just imagine the sparkle in your eye when you talk about this adventure to people…or even when you are just sitting alone and thinking about it. I’m sure you’ll have a blast, even when it gets tough. You’ll have so many people cheering you on. All the best! Take sticking-plasters 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Hey Stuart

    You might also want to touch base with Vaughan Rowsell who a few months back did the trip by bike … http://nzuphill.8degrees.co.nz/



    • Cheers for that Karen – his blog is certainly quite comprehensive! I know walking from one end of the country to the other seems a bit silly, but as a non-long-distance-cyclist, to me biking the country is even more bizarre! 🙂

  3. Hi Stuart…
    So proud of you going off on your adventures! More people in the world should go and “live their dreams”… Mega has put a wee bit into your account to help pay for a meal or two, or a hut or two 🙂
    And we are very pleased you came to us for help on your website! Always happy to help you. Well done. And looking forward to hearing how you are doing, and watching you on Facebook!
    Cheers, Phillippa and the Mega team 🙂

    • Thanks heaps Phillippa! I’m stoked with the website and the as-usual effortless way Dene and the team went about ‘pimping’ it for me. Really appreciate the donation too… think of me when you’re all munching on cold ham-on-the-bone after Christmas… I’ll be dining again on salami and crackers! 😀

  4. Shafeeka says:

    Hi Stuart,

    This adventure makes the Inca Trail seem pretty easy in comparison. This is definately ‘adventure plus’. I wish you the very best on your journey. I’m sure you will have alot of support and encouragement along the way and know other Scouts in particular will look to you as a role model. I’ll be following your adventure.

    Don’t forget to take Skittles!!! Sugar is important 🙂

    Good luck! X

    • Heya Shafeeka!
      So long as I don’t have too many days on Te Araroa like that nothing-but-cloud day we had on the Inca Trail. But yes, I expect it to be a bit more physically challenging (though I don’t think I have a climb like the one to Dead Woman’s Pass – that was epic!)
      Skittles? I was thinking more like Gillian’s ‘shop’ complete with full selection of sweets, biscuits and treats. Do you think she could send over a care package for me? 😉

  5. Karen Boyes says:

    Just found this from Robert Kiyosaki – thought of you instantly…

    Seven Characteristics of Unstoppable People
    1. Devote themselves to their true purpose
    2. Follow their heart’s passion
    3. Believe in themselves and their ideas
    …4. Prepare for challenges
    5. Ask for help and build a support team
    6. Seek creative solutions
    7. Persevere, no matter what the challenges

    Enjoy your journey:-) May you be blessed with lots of rainbows and sunshine 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Stuart, Go Strong

    Life is an amazing adventure, you, and SCOUTS, have certainly been a part of the adventure for my family.

    Right behind you all the way.


  7. Allan Walker says:

    There are lots of people walking with you, encouraging and seeing the journey through your eyes,a new Adventure for the ones whose flags you are carrying but unfortunately will never now make the trip down the long acre Te Araroa
    Have fun and hope that the wind stays at your back especially if it starts raining !
    God Bless and a safe journey.
    With regards and my best wishes

    Ps When you have some idea of your timing into the Mahurangi Zone, Wellsford to Devonport can you post the info please.
    Blog will be great everyone will then know

  8. Dee Evans says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Ceroc have kindly directed anyone interested from their newsletter to keep track of your amazing adventure!! I might even learn a bit about the NZ geography etc.. being from the lost land of OZ. It’s wonderful you have just gone “Yep I’m gonna do this” and it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever done. Keep Safe, look after those feet (hope you’ve got those big bandaids) or at least a person massure!!

  9. Seona says:

    Hi Stuart

    Seona (the Scot from Ceroc) here!

    Hope things are going well for you. If I’d known about your trip sooner I could have given you some tips about travelling light and avoiding the blisters!! Many years of walking and motorbike touring have taught me to take the bare minimum (and I still take too much!).

    When you get to Arthurs Pass I’d be happy to walk with you for a bit.. dependent on when that is.. but maybe you prefer to do the whole thing solo?

    Safe journey.

    • Cheers for that Seona! Yup, the best of intentions of traveling light is being hampered by needing lots of water. That said, there are still a couple of items which are getting the heave-ho one week into the trek… amazing how few clothes you can manage with! (and how people are usually too polite to say “you stink!”). Will keep you posted as to when Arthur’s Pass is drawing near – pencil in February-ish.

  10. Peta Crane says:

    Hi Stuart
    Thinking of you heaps as you continue your adventure – sending lots of positive vibes. I hope your shin gets stronger and that your skin(blister) is fully healed.

    Enjoy Christmas and all that that 2011 brings to you – you deserve the very best – you’re an inspiration……….

    peta xxx

  11. Stuart Ralston says:

    Hey dude,

    I sat next to you at the Robin Williams concert, just before your journey. A serendipitous meeting. Back then I didn’t really know who you were, as you were wondering how to get that new blackberry working for your “walk”, but talking to you for a while it grew slowly on me that you were doing something big.

    You have started something pretty amazing here. The stories you are telling is the story of New Zealand almost; town by town, your perspective. North to South. I now understand why it is a personal journey for you.

    I keep on seeing you on TV too! (CTV and One News). The news item tonight reminded me of my experience with Scouting when I lived in Hong Kong as an ex-pat many years ago. Now in NZ I have three girls growing up and never considered Scouting for them before, definitely will now. Crawling around in the mud, working in teams, being creative; all universal experiences.

    See you when you’re back in Christchurch at the next comedy concert!


    • Hi Stu! You’ve done well to track me down – thanks for touching base 🙂
      Girls have been part of Scouts in New Zealand for over 25 years, and I regularly meet people who think it’s exclusively for boys. I’m sure your daughters would love to check it out…
      Keep laughing!

  12. Mark Boggiss says:

    Hi mate, having made it home from our annual camping trip I was gutted to see that I had missed you passing us at Whananaki. We were camped there when you passed through only 2 metres from our tent site and then on over that amazing walk bridge.

    Keep up the hard work work, you are an inspiration to lots of people – if only more of us had the guts to get off our butts and do something amazing like this, me included!

    Kia kaha

    • Shame! I was impressed at how the campground at Whananaki was full and even the school-grounds (right on the waterfront) were used for campers. Amazing too watching the super-busy shop in action! Thanks for your encouragement: juggling the ever-dwindling finances is proving more of a challenge than the physical side of this adventure! 😀

  13. Raewyn Miller says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Thank you for allowing Nick, Vicki, Liam, and myself to accompany you on your Adventure today from Long Bay to Devonport, along with James and Mike part journeying. You’re right, ice cream never tasted better than after a full days walk.
    Our hearts, mind and soul are with you for the rest of your journey even though our feet won’t be. You are a true inspiration, role model and guide for us all. We were greatly honoured to share a small part of your amazing adventure.

    Ta Rae

    • “Allow?” It was my pleasure to share all your company Rae! This was only the third day of walking I have spent with other people, and it was awesome to have some local knowledge both lead the way (direction-wise) and share some fascinating historical/geographical facts. Not to mention the interesting conversations with the teens!
      Thanks again for the yummy ice-cream, and for not laughing too hard when the ferry’s horn sounded, scaring me to death!

  14. Heather Paterson says:

    Hey Stu,

    Great to read of your travels since the December adventures – keep up the physio and do those exercises you’ve been prescribed! What an inspiration this must be to those you touch along the way.

    Best wishes and keep having fun,


  15. Dianne says:

    Hi stuart
    I guess you got your bags ok, WOW half way, what an achievement and so awesome to have been part of your adventure. look after the feet and don’t forget to count the steps lol
    happy thoughts

  16. Mike B Rowe says:

    Gidday Stuart, Never give up its not an option (of course), but the conditions reguire a Hi level of planning I guess, how about short bursts on selective days according to your
    ability at the time and the conditions of and at the pathway (tracks)??? A suport group
    or preson ( Scouts for badge???) is likely a necessity. I also aknowlage the 700 or so ks to go and financial side most importantly the healing of the injury.In the summer of 83/84 Slope Piont too De Urville Cliffs walk was on the road for me!!! All the best for now. If you are in town would be great to meet.


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