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Earthquakes: should I hit the road again?

This afternoon Christchurch was rocked by 5.5 and 6.0 magnitude earthquakes. The biggest quake I felt on Te Araroa was when I was cooking dinner, sheltered under the entrance-way of the public toilet at Lake Coleridge, out of the rain. … Continue reading

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I miss the Trail

Wake. Toilet. Eat. Pack. Walk. For 88 days this was my morning routine. Simple, huh? Sure there were other things to think about, like the weather and the route and my aching body and my gear and the cashflow and … Continue reading

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Adventure on hold

The decision has been made – I’m hanging up my walking shoes. It’s been a fascinating (which is a euphemism for: emotional, crappy, euphoric, tumultuous, frustrating) process of recuperation. Being on the sidelines waiting for my shin to recover has … Continue reading

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Feet stop, mind races: help please!

Today is Day 16 not-walking. Well, I’m not bed-ridden but wearing a moonboot kills any chance of hiking 30km today. Or tomorrow. Dr Mel is quietly happy with my progress. She gave me some big words to describe my shin: … Continue reading

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Walking on shaky ground

Bussed to Auckland from Wanganui? Check. Spent an enjoyable evening catching up with friends and their new kittens? Check. Tried to find a replacement pair of shoes for my trek in downtown Auckland, yet felt overwhelmed by the noise and … Continue reading

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The Demons of Being Positive

I’m never truly alone when I’m walking Te Araroa. Just like a dark storm-cloud looming on the horizon, there is a topic which I do my best to pretend does not exist. Money. Deciding to embark on this adventure was … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever you’re doing… may your day be special. Festive smiles, Stuart

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Helping out The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Here’s a way for us to do a good turn for another top-notch youth organisation… The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award has just been selected by Sovereign Sunshine as a worthy not-for-profit, and now need our votes – the more … Continue reading

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Decision = energy

In a few minutes I head to the ferry to cross from Russell to Paihia, then catch the bus to Auckland. After making the decision yesterday to put Plan C into action, the day felt different. I had a purpose, … Continue reading

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Decision time: Plan C kicks in

Plan A for this adventure was to start at Cape Reinga and walk to Bluff, following Te Araroa pretty much in order. With a couple of physical hiccups (swollen shin and infected mega-blister) Plan B was to sit and wait … Continue reading

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