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I miss the Trail

Wake. Toilet. Eat. Pack. Walk. For 88 days this was my morning routine. Simple, huh? Sure there were other things to think about, like the weather and the route and my aching body and my gear and the cashflow and … Continue reading

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Feeling inspired

One advantage of having internet access at the moment is catching up on two of my favourite online creators… mnmlist: Leo wrote in this post “The more I focus on living, the less it seems I need.” Do you agree? … Continue reading

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The F and C words

Being unexpectedly in Auckland this week meant I was able to attend the National Speakers Association’s end-of-year drinkies. It was awesome to catch up with some long-time friends and put faces to names I had heard of… even though I’m … Continue reading

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Facial fuzz given the flick

As someone who loves to walk, exploring the new town I’m in, it has been a little weird being injured and not being able to get out and about quite so easily. So how have I been filling in my … Continue reading

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Is Pohutakawa really the Kiwi Xmas tree?

I mentioned to some Aucklanders how my Christmas will be the first I’ve spent surrounded by Pohutakawa blossoms. They looked at me, puzzled. “But it’s New Zealand’s Christmas tree, so what do you mean?” Ummm… because it doesn’t grow everywhere, … Continue reading

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What’s YOUR ‘adventure plus’?

Nearly everyone I talk with has something they long to do – a dream/goal/desire sitting in the background that if ‘everything fell into place’ they would love to complete. Up on the menu bar of this blog is a tag … Continue reading

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Te Araroa photos

I had just sat down for lunch yesterday (during my catch-up portion of ‘get into Kerikeri’) when Rebecca and Lucy trotted along the trail. They’d been following me for a few days, having also started at Cape Reinga. We swapped … Continue reading

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Humbled by the attention

Wow! 205 people visited this blog site yesterday (18 Nov). The daily average is well over 100. I’m stoked you are finding this worthwhile to have a peek at. Don’t stop, eh? And feel free to share…

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Cape Reinga – a preview

In March 2009 I was in the Far North for business and I took a day out of my schedule to whip (if you can call a couple of hours in the car ‘whipping’) up to Cape Reinga. Trying out … Continue reading

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A decade of adventure

In a previous post I mentioned how Jean Beliveau is in New Zealand, almost at the end of his round-the-globe walk. I got to meet him last week! A last-minute invite to the Papanui Rotary Club had me enthralled as … Continue reading

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