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  1. Gold says:

    Yesterday I handed in notice at my flat. In four weeks I’ll be walking out the door with my life on my back. The plan is to backpack around NZ to start with. “Don’t leave town until you’ve seen the country” and all that…

    I run the NZ Skeptics in the Pub and recently became the Chair Entity of the NZ Skeptics Society. I’m also a web developer with a focus on Drupal.

    The plan is to explore the country creating websites for backpackers and hostels and while doing that I’ll set up more local gatherings for NZ SitP and Drupal developers in the larger centers. This does also involve a business plan that should see me able to generate a residual income.

    If you have an interest in skepticism, rational/critical thinking, the scientific method or Drupal web development let me know and I’ll add you to the list of locations I need to visit.

    Looking at what Stuart is planning I’m really tempted to follow in his footsteps once the residual income is in place.

    Possum, let me know when you’re in the South Island. I may be able to join you for some of this if you’re up for the company. I’ll be watching the blog. Is there a twitter account? Or should we just follow @StuartFleming ?

    • Hey you! So you’ve got your possessions down to a back-pack worth, huh? That’s impressive. Keep an eye on the blog and tweets via @StuartFleming (#advplus). I’m sure we’ll be able to connect at some stage over the next four-five months 🙂 Good luck with your travels too!

  2. Room 20, Windsor School says:

    Hi Stuart
    We have read and listened all about your adventure, and we think you are pretty brave. Once we had talked about your adventure, and how long it was from when you thought about it until you actually got to try it, we decided to think of our own adventures and dreams. Some of us would like to share them with you so here they are…

    Amelia – I want to swim across the bay where my family’s bach is in the Marlborough Sounds.
    Izzy – I want to become a famous actress and get to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to use my fame to help save animals.
    Oscar – I want to become an All White
    Anna – I want to travel Asia or India and help to increase the number of tigers in the wild by stopping people hunting them.
    Charlotte – I want to have my own private jet so I can fly all around the world helping sick and endangered animals (but I will have to get a well-paid job first!)
    Corban – I want to become a famous restaurant critic and become the future Gordon Ramsey (no swearing required)
    Drew – I want to be the future Wayne Rooney and be contracted to the Manchester United Football Team.
    Mia – I want to go to space and be the first person to land on Mars. I will have to go to university for about 8 years to study space and science.
    Renata – I want to win international medals in gymnastics. I will have to get into the National team and train hard every week.
    Danielle – I want to become a champion judo fighter and go to the olympics to represent New Zealand.
    Leighton – I want to become a professional golfer
    Ethan – I want to be in the WWE Extreme Championship.
    Josh – I want to become an All Black and travel the World representing New Zealand, and also go to the Olympics for swimming.
    Logan – I want to learn how to fly a plane and then fly all around the World.
    Jayden – I want to be an international soccer player
    Jordan – I want to get my black belt in karate
    Alex – I want to be in WWE
    Krystal – I want to become a marine biologist and pat an Orca
    Liam – I want to be in WWE and win the champion of champions belt. I would also like to shake John Key and Barack Obama’s hands.
    Breana – I would like to become an actor/singer and then take a 2 year trip around the world.
    Jayden – I want to walk around the World and save the rhinos in Africa.
    Ronan – I want to build all the model aeroplanes I can find.

    Thanks for inspiring us to follow our dreams!

    Room 20 (Year 4 and 5)
    Windsor School,

    • WOW! That is certainly quite a list of inspiring dreams – good on you all for thinking about what you would like to achieve. Now remember – keep them in mind and take some steps towards achieving them. Sure, they may change along the way but it would be awful to just ‘settle’ and not fulfil your heart’s desires. Thanks for thinking of me on this adventure – do please keep in touch! 🙂

  3. Jo Gillespie says:

    I have two 🙂 To be the VERY best ESL teacher I can be, and to write books which will be snapped up by a publisher, and then snapped up by avid readers.

    Working on achieving both, by doing the DELTA, and by, well….writing!

    Thanks, Stuart
    You’ve always been an inspiration to me.

    • Oh, oh… Jo! Awesome adventures – may I make a semantic suggestion? If you write stories which people clamour to read, then by default they must be published (in some shape or form, whether traditionally or by yourself, or electronically, etc). Focus on tremendous can’t-put-down writing and the readership will grow. Keep at it – I know you’ll achieve both adventures admirably! 🙂

  4. A Venturer says:

    Little bit later than most of the other posts here, But I’m looking to, as a gap year after I finish school, tramp the length of NZ (I found this site via the stories section on the te araroa website). Im planning to follow some sections of the te araroa, but will deviate from it considerably in the North Is. to revisit places I have been over the years through scouting, and places I have wanted to go. I will probably almost entirely follow the te araroa through the south island.

    Thanks for taking the time to right about your experience. It is most informative to those of us planning something similar!

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