Walking on water

Whenever a Scout or student has asked how am I going to get from Wellington to the South Island, I put on a serious face (you may find that in itself hard to believe) and say “Swim!”.

Of course, I’m joking and soon let them know that swimming and me get along like Charlie Sheen and his producer.

So when I reached Wellington this week, I was faced with coming up with a real answer – how indeed was I going to cross the puddle? I can’t recall who suggested the final answer, but I don’t think it was my brainwave. Let’s ‘walk’ across! So the logistics began to form…

The good guys at Bluebridge!

LA Fitness saved the day!

Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry embraced the concept. LA Fitness were delighted to complete the set. Thanks heaps! 

So what’s the plan?

This coming Monday I’m going to board the 1pm Bluebridge sailing to Picton. I will be walking on a treadmill during (hopefully) the entire trip. How many kilometres will I add to my already-over-1500km total? I’m not actually sure.

My main hope is that it’s a smooth crossing. I’m usually pretty good on board a boat, but I’ve never been walking a treadmill on one before! This is certainly Adventure Plus!

Wish me luck…

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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4 Responses to Walking on water

  1. Carl shann says:

    Well done Stu. I still reackon the liquid nitrogen and freezing the strait as you went would have been just as simple lol. Good luck.

    • Whilst my Aarn Body-pack allows my centre of gravity to be such that leaping from frozen ‘berg to frozen ‘berg would have been as effortless as a gazelle leaping across the dusty plains, having to pull the enormous bottles of liquid nitrogen would have cramped my style and ruined the composition of any mid-strait photographs. But I like your thinking… 😉

  2. susan says:

    truly inventive, well done!
    make sure you have some ginger to munch on…just in case:)

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