Tightlines in Napier have me charged

A big shout out to Helen and the team at Tightlines in Napier. If you’re into the outdoors (especially fishing!) these guys have an awesome website chock full of tempting equipment.

Not only that, they have generously supplied me a bright yellow powermonkey-eXplorer portable solar charger! Perfect for keeping my phone (and iPod, if I decide to take my music) ready for action.

Certainly appreciate your support guys! Will do a video of the kit in action from on the trail. 🙂


About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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2 Responses to Tightlines in Napier have me charged

  1. Karen Boyes says:

    Not sure about you – I’m getting so excited for you 2 more sleeps! Have been talking with Art Costa and Jim Roussin, Executive Director of Generative Human Systems, Minnesota about the ability to step into one’s own power – you are a shining light of this 🙂

    • Thanks Karen – appreciate your enthusiasm! My ‘shining light’ feels a bit like an old back-up generator putt-putting in a city-wide blackout. I’m sure it will be back to full-power once I get into a walking routine… my head is a bit full of ‘to-do’ and it’s louder than my soul’s “Yay! We’re doing it!” 🙂

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