Definitions of a walk

22 December – walked from Manukau to Clevedon. Here are some words to define the day…

Threatening: big black clouds swept the sky on occasion, but failed to get me wet.

Gregarious: the crowd of all ages splashing around in the pool at Totara Park.

Surprising: the view from the top of Totara Park. See the YouTube clip.

Extravagant: most of the massive, over-the-top houses along Redoubt Road. Except this oneanyone got a spare $1,000,000 I could borrow?

Funky: the sculptures at Turanga Creek winery.

Disappointing: realising the Snickers wasn’t peanut, but in fact almond – ick!

Vast: the panaramas from sweat-inducing climbs.

Ouchy: pushing through a valley of gorse.

The guardian overlooking the Telstra Pacifica centre.

Brookby Quarry's entrance

Big art - tenpin bowling perhaps?

Long grass, gorse, sweat... my poor old socks had a hard day.

About Stuart Fleming

Just a guy who likes to walk and write.
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2 Responses to Definitions of a walk

  1. Creative definitions Stuart! Here’s another word-play you might enjoy. An anagram of ‘Walking Adventures’ is ‘Stalked Unwavering’! Wishing you a very happy Christmas this weekend, wherever you may be. Looking forward to reading more in 2011!

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